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From- Dr. Harendra Nath Talukdar, Principal i/c & Secretary, M.K. College, Subha Notice It is hereby informed to all concerned that the admission of BA 3rd Semester will start from 21.05.2018 through online of M.K. College website www.mkcollege.ac.in. The last date of BA 3rd Semester online admission is 25.05.2018. So, the students are asked to take admission in time. (Dr. H. N. Talukdar) Principal i/c M.K. College, Subha Date – 19-05-2018


It is hereby informed to all concerned that the admission of H.S. 2nd Year will start form 15-05-2018 through online of M. K. College website www.mkcollege.ac.in. The last date of H.S. 2nd Year online admission is 19-05-2018. So, the students are asked to take admission in time.

(Dr. H. N. Talukdar) Principal i/c, M. K. College, Subha Date – 14-05-2018


M. K. College, Subha

H.S. 1st Year Final Examination Results 2018

Total Candidates Appeared = 167

Cleared = 155

Withheld = 63

Pass Percentage= 92.81%


Roll No.

MKC003 MKC004 MKC006 MKC007 MKC010 MKC011 MKC013 MKC014 MKC017 MKC019 MKC020 MKC021 MKC022 MKC023

MKC024 MKC025 MKC027 MKC029 MKC031 MKC032 MKC033 MKC034 MKC035 MKC039 MKC042 MKC045 MKC047 MKC049

MKC051 MKC052 MKC054 MKC059 MKC060 MKC061 MKC065 MKC067 MKC068 MKC071 MKC072 MKC073 MKC074 MKC076

MKC079 MKC081 MKC082 MKC084 MKC085 MKC088 MKC089 MKC091 MKC092 MKC094 MKC095 MKC096 MKC097 MKC100

MKC101 MKC102 MKC103 MKC104 MKC105 MKC108 MKC110 MKC113 MKC114 MKC115 MKC119 MKC120 MKC123 MKC124

MKC125 MKC126 MKC127 MKC128 MKC132 MKC133 MKC134 MKC135 MKC136 MKC137 MKC140 MKC141 MKC142 MKC143

MKC144 MKC145 MKC146 MKC147 MKC148 MKC155 MKC156 MKC157 MKC158 MKC159 MKC160 MKC161 MKC162 MKC163

MKC166 MKC167

H.S. 1st Year Examinatio, 2018

List of candidates whose results are withheld

Roll No.

MKC002 MKC028 MKC046 MKC064 MKC086 MKC112 MKC138 MKC005 MKC030 MKC048 MKC066 MKC087 MKC116 MKC139

MKC008 MKC036 MKC053 MKC069 MKC090 MKC117 MKC149 MKC009 MKC037 MKC055 MKC070 MKC093 MKC118 MKC150

MKC012 MKC038 MKC056 MKC075 MKC098 MKC121 MKC151 MKC015 MKC040 MKC057 MKC077 MKC099 MKC122 MKC152

MKC016 MKC041 MKC058 MKC078 MKC107 MKC129 MKC153 MKC018 MKC043 MKC062 MKC080 MKC109 MKC130 MKC154

MKC026 MKC044 MKC063 MKC083 MKC111 MKC131 MKC165


ABOUT M.K. College

Madhya Kamrup College is one of the premier institutions of higher education for boys and girls in one of the traditionally enlightened districts of Assam. It was established on the 9th August, 1971 at Subha which is now a model village mostly inhabited by tribal people and located in the Chenga-Bahari area at the East-end of Barpeta district (formerly undivided Kamrup district of Assam). The college has been sanctioned adhoc grant vide DHE letter No-G(A)RC. 12/77/pt/209-25 Dated-Kahilipara, the 2nd Dec/77 & take over under deficit system of Grant-In-Aid w.e.f.1979 vide DHE letter no-G(A)RC/79/69 Dated Kahilipara, the 3rd June”80. The area as it is surrounded by the adjoining char areas has a very ideal location. Students from different parts of the char area have been studying here. The College has emerged as a pioneer institution with its glorious contribution in the field of education within a short span of time. It is owing to the commitment and dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff and the perseverance of the students. The guardians of the locality have also contributed to a great extent for the growth of the institution. The selfless devotion and sacrifice of the local people have graduated this institution into a famous college of present Barpeta district and now it is standing with its head high as their cherished offspring. It is a great pleasure to note that the college has been assessed and accredited by the NAAC and awarded the 'B' grade. The strength of this institution lives in its academic achievement and healthy environment. A rural College, essentially catering to the academic needs of local youths coming mostly from agro-based, working class families, requires a very soft-careful managerial acumen in its build-up process. >> READ MORE


Message from Principal

Dr. Harendra Nath Talukdar

"The roots of education are bitter, But the fruit is sweet” Aristotle , Greek philosopher

    At the very outset, I extend my heartiest welcome to Madhya Kamrup College, the premier institution of higher education in the entire Chenga-Bahari region of Barpeta district. This college, since its inception in 1971, has paved a way for nourishing higher education especially to the unprivileged rural folk of the society, and hence, at least on this ground, it can take pride that during the last three decades of the last century till this day, it has avowedly endeavoured itself in disseminating knowledge for the benefit of the economically backward and unprivileged of our society. This is indeed no easy task, and when judged objectively, the credit goes to those noble souls who did ever dreamt of establishing an institution of higher education in this region. At this instance, I must owe to those ‘revolutionary’ souls whose unrelenting approach and indomitable spirit had worked as the receptacle for establishing this premier institution at this place. Since 1971, we have passed so many years, yet we intensely feel that there remain still many issues to be addressed for disseminating higher education in rural areas like this. Down the years, we have tried our level best for addressing these issues through our research and extension activities, and we do believe that in the upcoming years we will be able to properly recognise as well as solve those issues that most alarmingly await our most concentrated response. The world today is changing drastically with the advancement of each minute, and this changing atmosphere has obviously brought in some relevant questions to the utilitarian concepts of education, especially to the modes and mechanism of teaching, learning and evaluation. We are of course conscious of these changes, and we are labouring our level best to address those questions so that our attempts might breed constantly something positive for upgrading this institution to a Centre of Excellence in the real sense of the term.

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