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Madhya Kamrup College - Goals & Objective

     The goals and objectives of this institution, other than the generation and transmission of knowledge, are to impart improved standard of education among the rural community giving justice to social needs and relevant assistance to the economically and educationally disadvantaged people of the adjoining areas of the middle part of undivided Kamrup district of Assam and also to provide impetus for higher education among the youths of the rural and adjoining char-area populace with a view to making them good, worthy and responsible citizens of the country. We also aim at creating an ambience in the institution in which the students can attain moral and spiritual uplift that would enable them to form a character of sublime order. Our endeavour is to train them culturally through various extra co-curricular activities. Apart from all these, the institution is expected to be a symbol of unity and integrity among the different sections of people living in and around the area.