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Principal of M.K. College

Mr. Dwipen Kaiborta

Principal i/c


At the very outset, I extend my heartiest welcome to Madhya Kamrup College, the premier institution of higher education in the entire Chenga-Bahari region of Barpeta district. This college, since its inception in 1971, has paved a way for nourishing higher education especially to the unprivileged rural folk of the society, and hence, at least on this ground, it can take pride that during the last three decades of the last century till this day, it has avowedly endeavoured itself in disseminating knowledge for the benefit of the economically backward and unprivileged of our society. This is indeed no easy task, and when judged objectively, the credit goes to those noble souls who did ever dreamt of establishing an institution of higher education in this region. At this instance, I must owe to those ‘revolutionary’ souls whose unrelenting approach and indomitable spirit had worked as the receptacle for establishing this premier institution at this place. Since 1971, we have passed so many years, yet we intensely feel that there remain still many issues to be addressed for disseminating higher education in rural areas like this. Down the years, we have tried our level best for addressing these issues through our research and extension activities, and we do believe that in the upcoming years we will be able to properly recognise as well as solve those issues that most alarmingly await our most concentrated response.

       The world today is changing drastically with the advancement of each minute, and this changing atmosphere has obviously brought in some relevant questions to the utilitarian concepts of education, especially to the modes and mechanism of teaching, learning and evaluation. We are of course conscious of these changes, and we are labouring our level best to address those questions so that our attempts might breed constantly something positive for upgrading this institution to a Centre of Excellence in the real sense of the term.