Madhya Kamrup College, Subha came into being pursuant to the untiring endeavor of the populace of the sub-division Barpeta and its setting up is definitely a fulfillment of long standing dream of this locality. This college now caters to the educational need of the people, not only of this backward and flood-affected area but also the entire Assam as well as outside Assam also.

       I, as a principal, offer my hearty welcome to all the stakeholders, best wishers, newcomers, educationists, academicians to this college. Right from the inception, it must be said that we are on firm belief in quality education. So the college has been trying it best to nurture, create, promote and disseminate quality education in its mission all the time.

       It is rightly said that education is the potent force of civilization. In any educational system, teachers have to play the leading role to bring about positive changes concomitant with times. As a College of Teacher Education, Dhakuakhana the college has left no stone unturned to produce teachers competent to tackle the challenges viably and meaningfully. A teacher must grow emotionally competent to his / her profession. The college takes care of all this deeply realizing great responsibility towards socio – cultural uplift in society. Education must teach us how to live happily among ourselves.

       We have challenges. But in spite of them we must go making our head upright. With this determination, I hope care, intellect, endeavor, skill, help, noble thoughts from all sides to make it renowned institution soon. With thanks and regards.