About Our College

Madhya Kamrup College is one of the premier institutions of higher education for boys and girls in one of the traditionally enlightened districts of Assam. It was established on 9th August, 1971 at Subha which is now a model village mostly inhabited by tribal people and located in the Chenga-Bahari area at the East-end of Barpeta district (formerly undivided Kamrup district of Assam).The college has been sanctioned ad-hok grant vide DHE letter No-G(A)RC.12/77/pt/209-25 dated-Kahilipara, the 2nd December 1977 & was taken over under deficit system of Grant-in-Aid w.e.f.1979 vide DHE letter No-G(A)RC/79/69 dated Kahilipara, the 3rd June 1980. It is heartening to note that the college is affiliated to Gauhati University and wasa brought under 2(F) & 12(B) of UGC Act in 2009 and now it is a provincialised college of Assam( vide Assam college Provincialised Act 2005).The area as it is surrounded by the adjoining char areas has a very ideal location. Students from different parts of the char areas have been studying here. The College has emerged as a pioneer institution with its glorious contribution to the field of education within a short span of time. It is owing to the commitment and dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff and the perseverance of the students. The guardians of the locality have also contributed to a great extent for the growth of the institution. The selfless devotion and sacrifice of the local people have graduated this institution into a famous college of present Barpeta district and now it is standing with its head high as their cherished offspring. It is a great pleasure to note that the college has been assessed and reaccredited by the NAAC and awarded B grade in 2016(2nd cycle). The strength of this institution lives in its academic achievement and healthy environment. A rural College, essentially catering to the academic needs of local youths coming mostly from agro-based, working-class families, requires a very soft, careful managerial acumen in its build-up process. With a dedicated & learned teaching and non-teaching team, and satisfactory infrastructural facilities, Madhya Kamrup College has taken as its mission to develop the best of its talent in the youth and prepare them for the challenges of the changing world by encouraging intellectual achievement, self-discipline and physical fitness. It has been our humble effort to provide holistic education which can empower our students to be good citizens of global world.

Our Mission

The motto of our college is " VANI VIJAYATAM ". It indicates that knowledge wins. Here knowledge dose not connote mere accumulation of facts and information. It must add to the growth of creative and original thinking and gradually bring about a positive transformation in one’s personality so as to prepare our students to establish themselves as conscious, responsible citizens capable of meeting the challenges of time and making the best of the opportunities as they come in life.

To generate quality manpower for building a prosperous and progressive nation. We at this institution constantly strive to provide an excellent academic environment for the benefit of students and faculties so that that they will acquire a technological aompetence synonymous with human dignity and values.Our Missions-

  1.  To promote quality education with a view to establish research units
  2.  To create the opportunities for research and surveys on General Educational Subjects
  3.  To provide and extend facilities like libraries, book clubs all over the country

Our Vision

Our vision is to plan for developing the college as an institution of excellence that would provide our students with the best of higher education and to make all possible efforts for upgrading the college to the status of a full fledged multi-stream institution.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of this institution, other than the generation and transmission of knowledge, are to impart improved standard of education among the rural community giving justice to social needs and relevant assistance to the economically and educationally disadvantaged people of the adjoining areas of the middle part of undivided Kamrup district of Assam and also to provide impetus for higher education among the youths of the rural and adjoining char-area populace with a view to making them good, worthy and responsible citizens of the country. We also aim at creating an ambience in the institution in which the students can attain moral and spiritual uplift that would enable them to form a character of sublime order. Our endeavour is to train them culturally through various extra co-curricular activities. Apart from all these, the institution is expected to be a symbol of unity and integrity among the different sections of people living in and around the area.

Our objectives

  1.  SERVING STUDENTS (BA Degree and transfer, personal interest, and developmental learners) IMPROVING CURRICULAR PROGRAMS

College Infrastructure

he infrastructure of a college plays a vital role in the development of the college as the students are now focusing on the labs, class rooms, etc while selecting a college. It is important that the colleges have very good infrastructure with advanced laboratories equipped with state of the art equipment etc

Sl. No Infrastructure Size in Sq. Feet
1 Class Room 01 1000 Sq ft
Class Room 02 537 Sq ft
Class Room 03 537 Sq ft
Class Room 04 594 Sq ft
Class Room 05 466 Sq ft
Class Room 06 463 Sq ft
2 Laboratory 01 428 Sq ft
Laboratory 02 293 Sq ft
3 Multipurpose Hall 1947 Sq ft
4 Library-cum reading room 1540 Sq ft

Sl. No Facilities Whether available: Yes /No
1 Principal's Office Yes
2 Administrative Office Yes
3 Staff Room Yes
4 Visitors Room Yes
5 Accountant Room Yes
6 Canteen Yes
7 Store Room Yes
8 Parking Space Yes
9 Open Space for Other Accommodation Yes
10 Common Room for Male & Female Yes
11 Medical Facilities Yes
12 Separate Toilet facility for male & Female Yes
13 Play Field Yes
14 Hostel for Male & Female< Yes
15 ICT Resource Centre Yes
16 Art & Craft Resources Centre Yes
17 Health & Physical Education Resource Centre Yes
18 Drinking water Yes
19 Running water Yes

Sl. No Facilities Quantity
1 Desktop Computer 10 nos
2 Laptop 4 nos
3 Overhead projector 2 nos
4 Smart Board 2 nos
5 Internet & Wifi Available
6 Digital Class Room 2 nos
7 Xerox 2 nos
8 Pinter 3 nos
9 White Board 6 nos

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